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Since launching the LINE messaging app in June 2011, LINE’s corporate mission of “Closing the Distance” has driven development of a diverse range of services and businesses to transform the LINE app into a gateway for an all-encompassing "Smart Portal"—connecting everything from people to services (both online and offline), as close as they want, wherever they are, 24/7.


In the upcoming LINE CONFERENCE 2019, talks will cover future developments and new services for the LINE messaging app—the cornerstone of the Smart Portal—as well as each of LINE's different businesses: the Core Business of advertisements, entertainment, news, the Strategic Businesses of FinTech, AI, and O2O (including LINE Pay), and more.


The event will be broadcast live on LINE's own live-streaming service, LINE LIVE. Guest commentators will also sit in on this year's simulcast and give their input on the Conference, which attendees can listen to by tuning into a sub-channel.


About the LINE LIVE simulcast
 Mr. Naoki Aoyagi (CEO, Merpay Inc.)
 Mr. Kazuhiro Obara (IT commentator)
 Mr. Kensuke Furukawa (CEO, Alu Inc.)

Simulcast URL:

Note: English interpretation of the simulcast (guest commentary not included) will be available on LINE Global’s official Facebook page below. (Appended May 31, 2019)

   LINE Global on Facebook:


Two hundred seats will be made available to the general public. Those wishing to attend can apply from the link below.


Seating for the general public
Application form: (Japanese)
Deadline: June 2, 2019
Results: June 7, 2019 (Winners will be informed directly)

Please note that the conference is open only to invitees and the press. Those who have not received an invitation code from a LINE Corporation representative will not be admitted.